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February 26, 2017

200 laps / 500 miles

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The Driver’s Wheel…thoughts from Ty Dillon

…on how he sees his role as driver of the No. 13 GEICO Chevy SS this year:

“My whole career, being around racing my whole life, the great drivers always put themselves in more of a role than just a driver. I think you have to be a team leader, a motivator, and someone who keeps pushing the team in the right direction. All the great drivers…have done that, so even being a rookie going to a new team - I want to keep pushing and become a leader and a positive motivation to get better.”

…on special connection with fans:

“When you’re coming up in the sport and looking at where you want to be and the things that will happen to you once you get to the higher levels of racing – the media and sponsor obligations – it kind of gets cast on you at a younger age that you just have to get through them. But as I grew in the sport, it gets fun to interact with fans and I love that now. Being able to meet my fans through social media or at autograph sessions, I think that’s fun now. I knew racing was going to be fun, because that’s what I wanted to do. The interaction with the fans and the young kids I get to meet at the racetrack is great because it wasn’t that long ago that I was that young kid walking around the racetrack begging for attention from any of the drivers. When I get to see a kid in the garage, I can see me. When I can shake their hand or sign something for them, that spark that lit up in me as a kid I can see in them, and that’s what it’s all about for me.”

…on Sunoco Rookie of the Year class 2017:

“It’s a great rookie class, and the thing is all three of us are similar in a lot of ways and the way we approach racing. We all have an understanding of each other on the racetrack. We go hard every lap and I think it’s going to be an exciting rookie race. I kind of feel people put us on the back burner – me and Germain Racing – and I think they’ll be surprised.”

Advice for a younger Ty Dillon? Enjoy the fans…

“I never knew how much it would help my career meeting the people who are dedicated to watching me. You always dream of having fans, but you don’t know the impact they’ll have on your life and your racing career. So that’s something I would have given myself a little heads-up on and something to be excited about.”

Crew Chief Quips:

Bootie Barker…on the race cars picked for this race weekend and beyond…:

“Our two Daytona cars aren’t brand new, but, they are completely updated. The changes we needed didn’t call for completely new chassis builds. This day and age, it’s not like it was when you had a special car that was your favorite. Now there’s no affinity for a certain car, it’s really all about choosing the chassis that has the best performance and wind tunnel numbers. You can’t have a favorite, you just have to always put forth the best. Every week.”

…on preparing for the 500…:

“I kind of approach each week…that I’m going to try to win. You are going to try to win the Daytona 500, but, next week, you’re going to try to win Atlanta. We go all out for all of them. Definitely, the Daytona 500 win has a ton of extra prestige, but, we really approach every weekend to win.”

Chassis Notes

  • Primary: 498

  • Backup: 387

  • Both cars have been refreshed. The backup has a completely new body and has been the backup for Germain Racing for speedways for a couple seasons. The chassis is familiar to Germain fans as the chosen car for the Clash races in 2016 and 2015.

Stats Recap

  • Ty Dillon is making his 3rd Daytona 500 start

  • Germain Racing has six Daytona 500 starts with best finishes of 6th (2015) and 10th (2014)

  • Germain Racing has two wins at Daytona in the NCWTS

  • Car number 13 has one victory in NASCAR history – at Daytona (Johnny Rutherford, February, 1963)

  • Car number 13 at Daytona has been on pole twice (Curtis Turner, February, 1967)

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